About Us

Riethmuller Legal is a commercial law firm focusing on the construction and procurement of infrastructure.

Paul Riethmuller established Riethmuller Legal after having spent the first 30+ years of his career at leading national and global law firms. He is recognised as a pre-eminent front end construction and infrastructure lawyer in Western Australia. His ambition is for Riethmuller Legal to provide top tier quality and service for clients involved in developing and building large scale infrastructure, but with the hands on, personalised approach possible at a small firm.

While every client and every transaction or dispute is different, our approach will always be the same. There are some hallmarks we bring to all of our work for all of our clients:

  • Quality

    First and foremost, the quality of our legal work is of the highest standard. The quality reflects the knowledge and experience gained from over 30 years focussing on construction and procurement for clients in the infrastructure, energy and resources sectors.

  • Integrity

    We act with principle. We do what we say we will do. Clients can rely on us to deliver for them.

  • Consistency

    Our clients can rely on receiving the same high quality, the same level of attention, the same experience in every respect, every time they come to us for assistance.

  • Accessible

    We are there for our clients when they need us. Our clients can get access to us in person, by phone or by email when they want to meet us, speak to us and contact us.

  • Responsive

    We respond to clients promptly. We meet deadlines. We do what we need to do so clients can meet their deadlines.

  • Practical and commercial

    Many factors go into making a good deal or a successful outcome. We bring a practical and commercial approach to our advice to our clients – look at the big picture; identify the priorities; focus on the ‘must haves’, and recognise the ‘nice to haves’; don’t make deal breakers out of things that are not; if it matters, be prepared to hold out for the right deal or compromise.

  • Value

    Value is more important than price. Top tier quality and service + lower price = better value. We can be flexible in our pricing to help clients meet their legal budgets.

  • On time and on budget

    Owners and developers (and their financiers) have three key questions whenever they embark on an infrastructure project – what will they get; when will they get it; and how much will it cost? Those key questions are important for contractors and suppliers too – they want clarity about what they are expected to deliver. We focus on giving our clients that clarity. That is what we deliver for our clients.

  • No surprises

    Sometimes things don’t go entirely according to plan. Even so, it is much easier to deal with something unexpected if it is addressed early, when more options are likely to be on the table. That applies to construction projects, and it applies to legal services too. Early notice is the key. We take a ‘no surprises’ approach in all we do, keeping our clients fully informed as our work for them progresses.